1. Find inspiration.

We know making something special can be overwhelming, often the hardest part is knowing where to start. Luckily for you we have some sample pieces hanging around at each location to make it easier for you to get inspired. We even have a page on here with some of our favorites (click here). However, if nothing is jumping out to you we are always willing to help- let us know the general idea you are trying to get across and we can lead you through the process! 

2. Pick your base piece. 

We offer a variety of base pieces that can meet almost any need: wired plaques, burlap hanging plaques, frames, door hangers, and of course- ornaments (click here to see our base pieces).

3. Add letters... if any.

We recommend starting off with letters if you plan on making something with a saying or name. This way you have a better idea of spacing and how much room you have for the fun stuff!

4. Add accent shapes.

From baby to weddings we have just about every accent shape  you need to make your piece. Accent shapes are little wooden shapes we make that make your sign/frame/ornament stand out. Accent shapes can tell a story or be a fun way to add some more color in a piece.

5. Optional- Hand personalization.

Any of accent pieces and ornaments can be hand personalized- free of charge. Simply tell us the name, date, or saying you would like on the piece. Keep in mind we cannot write over any glitter and sometimes you may have to pick up your piece at a later time if a personalizer is not in.

5. We glue it for you!

Now that the hard part is over we glue your piece for you! Your piece will typically be done in about 5-10 minutes depending on how many pieces you have. If the store is busy this time may be longer, but all pieces are ready same day unless you have requested personalization.

​6. Optional- Pick out ribbon.

If you picked a wired plaque, ornament, or door hanger you can pick out a ribbon add. We tie the ribbons in either a standard bow or a knot.

7. Take it home and enjoy!

Make sure to tag us in any pictures you may take of your newest sign. We love to see our customers designs.

Each piece is designed, cut and handcrafted from raw materials right in our Crest Hill workshop. ​Before you even step foot in our locations we are working hard with you in mind. Being handcrafted, no two pieces look exactly the same- although we try our best to!

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