Saraboo Creek | Personalized and Artful Accessories


How long will it take to receive my order?

In stock items will generally ship in 8-10 business days.  Because all of our items are handcrafted, some custom orders may require 2-3 weeks to ship.  If you need something quicker, contact us and we'll let you know if your order can go out faster.  Orders will then be shipped UPS Ground. Next Day Air is available for an additional charge.

If I order "Design Your Own" accent shapes, letters and base pieces to create my own design, how do I assemble my piece?

All of our letters come with a self-adhesive back -- simply peel, stick, and press firmly.  Our accent shapes do not have self-adhesive, so they must be glued down to the base piece or plaque. We like to lay out the design, then peel each letter and gently set in place; when all pieces are arranged to your liking, very firmly press the entire design and each piece individually.  If you move any letters before pressing, it may be a good idea to add a little glue for good measure (moving the letters after peeling reduces the tack of the glue).   We recommend any plain white glue that dries clear (Elmer's, Tacky Glue, etc.) -- just apply with a Q-tip or fingertip.  If any of your letters come without the sticky back (you will see raw wood, as opposed to a waxy paper covering) simply apply a dab glue as described above.  You don't need much or it will ooze out the edges.  We do not prefer hot glue as it often doesn't adhere the shapes as flat as we like.  If you want to place a shape/letter on a glittered area, it's important that you first remove as much glitter as possible.  Just use a piece of sandpaper (or even an emery board), then add a dab of glue in addition to any adhesive backing.

What do I do if one of my shapes or letters comes off my piece?

We recommend re-gluing the piece with any plain white glue that dries clear (Elmer's, Tacky Glue, etc.) -- just apply with a Q-tip or fingertip.  We don't prefer hot glue as it often doesn't adhere the shapes as flat or as well as we like. 

How will the shapes and lettering be placed on my piece?

We will try to place lettering and accent shapes as close as possible to the sample shown; placement modifications may be necessary due to space constraints. Please contact us if you have any special instructions in regards to placement.

How are the pieces hung?

Most of our pieces are hung with either Black or Gold wire, generally as shown. Pieces that are hung with ribbon will be notated. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding specifications on how a certain piece is hung.

Do measurements include the wire?

No.  Our measurements are sometimes approximate, but very close, and are of the wood piece itself. If you need to know a measurement inluding wire, please contact us.

What are your products made out of?

Unless otherwise specified, our designs are made from a variety of wood materials.  

How are the pieces finished?

All of our wood pieces are handcrafted, and involve an 8-step process that culminates in the finished product. Many pieces include carved edging, decorative glittering, and monochromatic accent stamping to add depth and dimension. All of our wood pieces include a ribbon bow on the wire.

Can handwritten personalizing be added to my items?

Yes!  It's always complimentary to add handwritten personalizing.  The most common  use of  this option is to add the year to an ornament, or to personalize ornaments.  If you would like to add handwriting to your selection, use the "comment" box to indicate "handwritten" followed by what you'd like written (if no comment box is present, contact us).  Unless otherwise specified, we will determine placement and ink color (usually black).

Can I put my plaque outside?

We do not recommend exposing your piece directly to the elements -- it should fare much better on a porch or under an overhang.  If exposed to direct moisture, sun or high heat, your adhesive may give -- follow gluing instructions above to re-apply if this happens.  If you do choose to place a piece outside, as with any wood it is best to seal and re-seal it regularly (on all sides).  You can get a spray acrylic sealer at the craft store.