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Dear Friends of Christmas at the Faire,

Thank you so much for making Christmas at the Faire a part of your Holiday tradition over the last 35 years. Like you, I have always loved Christmas at the Faire and I did not want the show to end when Carol King was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago. While it was not easy stepping into those shoes, I purchased the show and have worked hard to do the show justice and have endeavored to offer a memorable presentation for Christmas at the Faire and SaraBoo Creek customers alike. I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to support me and the show as I learned and grew over the years.

After much thought and emotion, I have decided not to put on Christmas at the Faire at this time, nor have I sold the show to any other promoters. While it has been a difficult decision professionally, it feels absolutely right for myself and my family. When I took on Christmas at the Faire, I had 2 young children and had just opened my first store. It was daunting then, but it was as exciting as it was terrifying. We leapt in with the full support of family and friends, which was a good thing since we called on every single one of them to help us pull it off each year! Since then, my kids have grown into teenagers (imagine that!), we opened a second store, and have a growing SaraBoo Creek website business. I started my business when my son was 4 months old as a way to supplement our income while staying home with him. As my family happily grew, so did SaraBoo Creek, though there were certainly times it was difficult to keep a balance between my family and the demands of the business I loved. As I know you will relate to, time is passing so quickly. Patrick and Sarah will only be home with me a few more years before heading off to college and starting their own lives. Christmas at the Faire is a huge undertaking, as I’m sure you can imagine, requiring almost singular attention for over half the year. That means the rest of my life -- my family, my home, the 2 stores, the website -- has to happen in my "spare" time. Each of these things is so important to me, yet none gets the full attention I yearn to give. I've decided I just can't prioritize my life that way any longer. I hope that while you may be saddened to miss Christmas at the Faire, you will accept the heartfelt context behind its absence.

While the immensity of Christmas at the Faire is not a perfect fit for us right now, we will continue to look for ways to extend the magic of Christmas at the Faire. You can expect us to bring the same passion to the stores each fall as we did to Christmas at the Faire every year. We are always working on ideas to "expand" our options and accessibility at the stores, and for "family friendly" opportunities to grow SaraBoo Creek.  Whatever the venue, you can always look forward to beautiful and abundant displays, an inspiring, creative experience, and of course, a few “expect the unexpected” surprises.

While my family (and sanity!) had to take priority in this decision, please understand our SaraBoo Creek and Christmas at the Faire customers mean the world to us. We owe all of our success to you and I want you to know I will strive to always be worthy of your loyalty and patronage. I hope that you will continue to enjoy SaraBoo Creek and that you will give us the opportunity to surprise and delight you in the future!

Fondest Regards,

Cindy Crawford

Owner, SaraBoo Creek & Christmas at the Faire

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PLEASE NOTE:  Neither myself, SaraBoo Creek, nor Carol King have any association or affiliation with any shows taking place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds this year.   We hope that you will not be confused by any suggestion or reference to this effect.