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Party SaraBoo Style

Please Note:


Our SaraBoo Girl will do her best to help your guests stay within the chosen category. During your party, should you choose to allow additional embellishments to your guests, they can be added per regular store pricing. Your SaraBoo Girl can also help with alternatives within a price range to keep things as flexible for your creativity as possible.

Package 3 SaraBoo Celebration...

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  • Base Piece: Guests may choose from a selection of plaques, frames and ornaments, priced $12.95 or below.
  • Lettering: Choice of a name/word in small or medium letters (any combination) or an XL letter/initial.
  • Embellishments: Guests may choose ONE of the following...
    • ​1 B size shape + 2 A size shapes + 3 AA shapes
    • OR 2 A or B size shapes + 5 AA shapes
    • OR 10 AA or A size fully-glittered shapes (1/8" thin)